work of art

"My body is my canvas and my life is the gallery where I display my art."


 I became my own work of art

When i was younger i used to read, fantasize and draw a lot, I created my own little dream world in my head where i could design my own stories. When I was not busy painting dinosaurs, I was always painting fantasy girls, with tiny noses and curvy bodies, all my  paintings were very cartoonish and always with exaggerated proportions. On the picture above you can see one of my first fantasy-inspired drawings. Since i was 10 years old  i wanted a fairy nose my self, I wanted too project how i felt inside because what i saw in the mirror did not match it. I wanted to become my own version of me, my own work of art. But i was too scared to tell anyone. Embracing your creativity around people who do not understand it have not been easy.

 In 2009, a photographer named Frank Jansson stumbled upon me and we started to do artistic shoots and it was so much fun and it encouraged me so much. I wanted to create the same thing in my modeling photos as in my fantasy paintings. But again i did not see on the images the version of me as i saw in my head. Here is when I really started to look into body modification to give me that nose I had long been dreaming of.