transformation started

"You can’t make someone happy if you’re not happy yourself"

Taking the next step and coming out of the closet

I quit my job as an electrician and spent the summer at home with my family, friends, and animals. It was a way for me to say good by to my old life so i could start my new.  I took the time for my loved because i knew what was coming. My animals got sick that summer one after an other and there was no other chose then putting them down. My love for them was the only thing tying me to my town and as they disappeared i started to prepare my self for moving to Stockholm, the capital to work in a variety of clubs so I could continue my transformation and find my way.  I did liposuction on my outer thighs, more permanent makeup, and lip fillers.

I am now just giving you the short story of everything happening around 2014-2015. It was "as it was meant to be", yet it was the toughest time of my life. I knew working in Stockholm was just a launch pad, and I knew I had to go much further to fulfill my vision. I felt like I was put to the test over and over, and the lessons I learned were necessary to prepare myself for the future.

In my work I got surrounded by like-minded colleagues, who accepted me for who i was. And by interact with guests learned how to take rejection. I found that no matter how I look, how i am or what i do some people will not just like me. I learned that we are all different and there for we all like different things. There is no personality or beauty standard that is the same for everybody. Just as there is no right and wrong, learning all this I learned to trust my gut and to have faith in my self. If things felt right then it is no matter what anyone tell me. 

Some media companies started to show interest in me and my transformation but still my family and friends did not know at the time that i was working in a club and about my goals, so I kept a low profile in the public media.