My first Procedures

I came to learn that I like to refashion my body and the process of change

2010 was my first surgical procedures. I did my  nose, my upper eyelids and my first pair of breast implants. Basiclly i just wanted my nose all little bit smaller and a little bit straighter, my eyes to look a little more alert and my my breast to be a little bit fuller. Afraid of what my family and people around me would react to me having changes done i went outside the country alone on a "vacation" so i would have time to have the surgery done and heel before going home. I asked the doctor to just do a very little change so hopefully no one would notice.

On the surgery day I firs had my eyelids done under local anesthetics. I needed to be awake in order to be able to keep my eyes open so the doctor could see what he was doing. After that i was put to sleep in order to do my breasts and my nose. I did not want any visible scars or fake looking breasts so they put small 260cc silicone implants in under the muscle through an incision under my armpit. The rhinoplasty was an open nose procedure but to my disappointment they placed an implant between my eyes to make it straighter instead of shaving the small bump down, apparently that was how they often do it in some countries. Back then i was learning by doing since i was a virgin to plastic surgery.  I did not like the look of my new breasts because i thought the small size and dimension of the implants did not fill out my chest witch made it look unnatural. 

I was i sporty girl and i did never really liked having to wear makeup, so before i had my surgeries, i went to a salon In Sweden to get my eyebrows tattooed with permanent makeup. The bows did not turn out the way i wanted so after i came back from my surgeries i went back to the saloon to have her fix them, but it didn't get better. 

One year passed and i went back to redo my breasts and also to do a brow lift since all the doctors home in Sweden refused me. They thought i was to young and did not need it.  I also wanted them to redo my nose since it with the implant and scar tissue building came out looking bigger then before the surgery.  Well there they claimed it was to early to redo my nose and that it would not make much of a difference. They ended up doing the breast augmentation and i only had to pay for the new implants this time since it was a revision. The doctor gave me 525cc silicone and said i it was because i could not get bigger, thou i had hoped to get 650cc. About the lift I was really worried they would do to much, I just had them do a mini forehead lift (browlift).  the surgery was performed with the full incision across my scalp. During my recovery in the hotel bed with only my computer as company, i was of curiosity reading about all the procedures the hospital was offering. Scrolling thru the webpage i found that they also did vaginal work so the very next morning I walked back to the hospital and got a labiaplasty minor done the very same day. It was nothing really that i needed it, I was more that i found it  exiting the process of refashioning my body. before i flew home i also went to get my first session of laser hair removal and went 4 more times back home in Sweden.