life choices

"My own change has made me less judgmental of other people's choices."

How my transformation journey started

I am really good at coming up with solutions to everyday problems. I started to study automation in school and later started to work as an electrician, smart-house programmer, and CAD drawer. I was the only girl in my class and the only girl in the baseball team I was playing with. That was was not always easy! Only doing male sports and hanging out with guys all the time made me a bit of a tomboy. I became one of the guys, even though blending in was never really what I wanted. 

By the end of 2013 I was working in an office as a CAD drawer for electrical systems , while on the side I was helping out with an American car import and repair business. Yes I was some what of a tomboy and dressed like one, but I was dreaming of looking like a fairy . By this time I had undergone a nose job, an upper eyelid surgery, a brow lift, a labiaplasty, two breast augmentations, and some other beauty treatments. I went out of my way to hide my surgeries from  family and friends,; I claimed I was going on vacation and then used the time there to recover. I did changes so small that no one would notice but of course did not give me the result I was looking for, so I started to look into having them redone.  This time I knew I would not be able to get away with hiding them so easily! Here was the big milestone in my life and the start of my real transformation.