FOX NEWS Entertainment - 'Rib removal has been a dream'

Extreme model Pixee Fox: 'Rib removal has been a dream'

Model Pixee Fox removed six ribs in an attempt to look like a real life cartoon and break the record for smallest waist in the world, but some say the procedure is unethical, and worry about Fox's mental health.

"Rib removal has been a dream of mine for years," Fox told FOX411. "I want to have the exaggerated curves you see in pin-up cartoons like Jessica Rabbit." The Indiana-based surgeon who performed the procedure, Dr. Barry Eppley, spoke to FOX411 about the risks of the cosmetic procedure.

“Rib removal is almost an urban myth dating back to the 1970s when Cher was rumored to have had it. But it is done," he said. "I just did a rib removal surgery on another woman after Pixee who removed even more ribs than her. It just seems extreme because it is the only plastic surgery other than liposuction [that removes] normal body parts, so it seems extreme."