The Dr. Oz Show. One Woman’s Extreme Waist Training Experience

Pixee Fox shows Dr. Oz the 16-inch steel corset she wears every day and talks about the cosmetic procedure she had to further her waist training.

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The DR.OZ Show, FOX 11

Dr. Oz discusses weight trainer disasters

All New: It’s the most controversial diet trend Dr. Oz has ever covered: waist training. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian are showing off their waist trainers on social media. Kim’s now infamous naked selfie of her tiny waist has only made waist training a bigger trend, and the number of people Googling waist trainers has spiked.

Today, Dr. Oz meets real women who waist train, including one woman who wears a waist trainer 24 hours a day. She explains why she was willing go as far as having 6 ribs removed to get a tiny waist.