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Pixee Fox


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Pixee Fox has become one of the world’s most famous plastic surgery models through her living cartoon project.

Swedish-born Pixee Fox is a plastic surgery celebrity who first made news worldwide when she removed 6 of her ribs in order to be able to tight-lace her waist to tiny proportions. Pixee's goal is to achieve exaggerated feminine proportions inspired by Holli Would from the movie "Cool world" and Jessica Rabbit from "Who framed Roger Rabbit?" Since 2009 Pixee has documented her body modification journey online. She has already undergone a large number of extreme plastic surgeries, some of which had never before been documented, but she is not done yet!  Pixee is just warming up, and has even bigger plans to come.


"I am dedicating my life to creating my own fairy tale. I see my body as a work of art, my life as a science project, and the world as my gallery."